The Importance of Good Trekking Shoes

Trekking is becoming a lifestyle nowadays for which you need proper equipment and gear. While trekking, your trek shoes are your best friend and they are among the key part of the hiking/trekking kit. Wearing proper shoes plays a major role in maintaining the correct walking technique and prevents injury. You simply cannot comfortably go on trekking/hiking just by wearing normal shoes. For trekking/hiking, it is always better to invest in a good pair of trek shoes. Selecting the right trekking/hiking shoes is not an easy task. A good pair of trekking/hiking shoe must provide safety, comfort and confidence to the trekker. A good quality trekking shoe must have :-

Good Thread

Hiking/trekking requires a good amount of grip or tread. While trekking one has to walk on uneven rough surfaces which might be slippery also. Here good tread provides the required grip to the shoe. Sneakers and tennis shoes provide only light tread which is not of much help while going on difficult treks.

Support and Stiffness 

Hiking/Trekking shoes provide extra support and stiffness required while trekking. They generally have more ankle coverage and stiffer mid-soles. Ankle support/coverage also protects the ankle from injuries.

Waterproof lining

Trekking/hiking involves passing through rivers and streams. Here the shoes, socks and feet might get wet which is very uncomfortable. Here hiking/trekking shoes with waterproof lining comes to rescue and becomes the prized possession.

The Right Fit

Shoes with a good fit are a must while trekking for 4-5 hours. However during winters or extreme cold, going for one size big trek shoes would help a lot, as it will accommodate multiple woolen socks. Plus the large size would help in avoiding blisters. Also it is wise to wear your shoes for about a week prior to the trek.

Cushioning and Padding

Well cushioned and well padded shoe provide comfort to the trekkers. On and average one would trek continuously for around 4-5 hours and for this period well padded shoes are a must. Good padding/cushioning will protect the ankle,foot base and heel from injuries.

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