Solo Trekking-Merits and Demerits

Trekking includes long and strenuous journey to the areas where transportation is not easily available. Trekking is a team activity but some nature enthusiasts prefer going solo which involves being out on the trail all by yourself. Trekking/hiking alone can be rewarding in many ways as it enhances :-
Outdoor skills – When you are alone, you have to take all the tough decisions along with cooking for yourself. Hence solo trekking will enhance your decision-making capabilities and outdoor skills. You will cook your own food and put up your own tent.

Spiritual health – When you are in trekking in solitude, you get the time to introspect yourself. This ample time helps in sorting out your life and other problems. Here you meditate and feel close to he Mother Nature away from all your worries and hassles of life.

Trek at your own pace – Solo trekking has the benefit of going at your own pace, which is not the case with group trekking. Here you can move according to your own pace fast or slow according to your choice.
Conquering your fears/inhibitions – Many people have fear of being alone, wild animals, darkness, heights etc. Solo trekking enables you to overcome these fears.

Increased proximity with Nature – Solo trekking enable you to be in more proximity with the nature. As you are alone you can relate more with the Mother nature.

Flexibility – While trekking in group, one is bound to follow what other group members have to do. But in case of solo trekking one gets the chance to plan according to his/her time and choice.

No doubt Solo trekking is adventurous but it has its demerits also:-

Getting lost – The worst nightmare of a solo trekker is getting lost in the wild, with no one to check. Here learning about the navigation skills like using compass and studying maps before going solo trekking comes handy.

Natural calamities – Adversities like earthquake, rain, snow, avalanche, wildfire etc can happen anytime. So if you are alone in the wild, nobody would be there to help you soon. There you will be on your own. Here getting deep information about the weather prior going solo trekking is always a good thing to do. Having proper safety gear also saves you from such troubles. So do not ever compromise with the protective gear.

Injuries – A solo trekker is almost well prepared most of the time but here we forget that injury can happen with anyone at anytime. Trekking involves passing through rough terrains like rocks, water crossings, climbing hills up and down. One might get cuts and bruises over the course of the event. During that time the only immediate help would be your First-aid kit.

Other important points to keep in mind while trekking solo :-

– Always choose an already popular trail.
– Always inform your family, friends and locals about your solo trip in advance and whereabouts whenever possible.
– Always check the weather forecast in detail before starting the solo trek.
– Never exert yourself for the unrealistic things

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