Booking a Tour 

To book a program please use our online booking form or you can call us on the given numbers and provide us the following information:-

  1. Selected Tour’s name and duration.
  2. The number of persons for the Tour.
  3. Names and Nationality of the persons .
  4. Date you wish to travel.

For confirmation of the tour you have to pay online.

Paying the deposit – 

Cash Refund – 

Cash refund is applicable only in case of bookings made without using any promotional offer code or vouchers. The Refund of the amount would be processed as per deduction guidelines outlined below:

All cancellation refunds will be processed back to the bank account or the credit/debit card account from which the tour fee has been paid. The amount for refund processing would always be calculated on basis of the *net amount paid*   .

Liabilities and Responsibilities 

Tolerance and adaptability are the qualities we prefer to have from our clients as while on tours, most probably they would be meeting the people from different cultures. Here in D2R, the nature of all the programs requires the participants to be flexible and to respect each other. The ultimate goal of the tour/trip is taken as aim and not as contractual obligations. The team D2R will always try its very best to solve any problem you would face during your trip, but cannot be held responsible for delays or alterations in the programs or for expenses incurred, owing to natural calamities, rail/domestic flights delays or cancellation, strikes, local regulations, sickness, bad weather, war, political closures and disputes etc.

Travel Insurance –

A travel insurance policy is vital if you go trekking. While most general travel insurances cover you against sickness while on a trek, not all cover you for emergency evacuation, which could run into many thousands of rupees if a helicopter is required. For Trekking in India, Indian citizens are not required to have travel insurance but in case of foreigners (Non- Indians) having the valid travel insurance is mandatory. We team D2R do not offer travel insurance policies, however we strongly recommend that you apply for one as it is always good to be on the safer side.

Group Tours Composition – 

You have the option to go on our pre-fixed group tours or else the group tour can be specifically tailored according to your own individual needs (with your friends and family etc.). We team D2R are here to design the best adventure tour packages for you as customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.

Need help?

Contact us at {} for questions related to refunds and returns.