Mountain Etiquette

Trekking has become quite popular these days and the numbers of trekking freaks are increasing day by day. For trekking the mountains play a vital role as they provide us varieties of places to explore along with the flora and fauna which makes our trekking memorable, enjoyable and beautiful. The majestic Himalayas comprise the most dominating geographical feature of India and are a boon to our nation. It is a well-known fact that they play a major role in protecting our nation from enemies as well as from piercing cold waves of Central Asia and also influence the climate of India, especially in bringing the monsoons to India.

These are some of the facts which state the importance of the great Himalayas to us. So it is our duty to pay respect to them by following some basic ‘Mountain Etiquettes’. So before going to the mountains these points should be kept in mind:-

Respect the Nature

It is our primary duty to respect the Mother Nature, especially when we are in the mountains. We don’t dirty our homes, so the same thing should apply to the mountains as well. We should understand that the mountains are also like our home and keeping them clean and pollution free is also our duty. The government is already doing its part but we should also do it on an individual level.

Do not litter

During trekking, it should be made mandatory to not to litter the area with any kind of garbage, plastic, wrappers etc. It is good to keep the waste, litter etc. in a separate bag and dump it safely at the campsite. Good habits like this should be promoted.

Toilet manners

Maintaining toilet manners is also vital. Human waste contains bacteria, which are harmful to the mountain soil. Toilet tents are available at the campsite, so we should avoid going in the open. Another thing to keep in mind is not to urinate near the water stream as it is the source of drinking water for locals and animals.

Respecting the local villagers and animals

En route trekking we encounter with the local villagers and domesticated animals like horses, mules, goats, sheep, yak etc. We should treat everyone with respect and compassion.

Be a team player

Trekking is all about team work which requires co-operation. During trekking we get to meet with others and develop close friendship with each other. Make your trip and friendship a memorable one.

Be an Encourager

Everyone likes the encouraging personality. So whether you are trekking solo or in a group motivating, encouraging yourself and the group members all along the way is the key to successful trekking.

Do not listen to music while trekking as you might not hear the sound of stones falling down or of someone who might be shouting for help.

En-route greet everyone with a smile and maintain positive attitude.


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