Health benefits of Trekking

Nothing is more satisfying than being in the lap of Mother Nature away from all your worries and busy work schedules. Here in India, we are blessed to have the mighty Himalayas which offer us diverse flora and fauna. Trekking involves challenging both physical and mental strength of an adventure junkie. Picturesque views of the snow capped mountains and lush green valleys are an out of this world experience. Being in such amazing places provides us quiet moments of self-reflection, excitement and thrill. Apart from this trekking also provides a number of health benefits.

Overall body exercise and weight loss

The best part about trekking is that it immensely improves the physical health. During trekking our bodies are continuously on the move climbing up and down the mountains. This increases the core strength and agility of the body. The metabolism gets faster and you burn more calories, which further leads to weight loss/fat loss.

Improved cardiovascular strength

Trekking requires covering long distances including climbing hills/mountains. While climbing, the heart rate increases and body makes the heart to pump harder to keep up with the body’s oxygen demand. While on the other hand walking downhill decreases the increased heart rate thus making the heart rate to get back to normal.

Reduces stress

Spending time outdoors on trek in the lap of nature is a perfect way to cleanse the mind from all kinds of stress and worries. As the individual’s sole focus is on trekking only, with the only distractions in the form of snow-capped mountains and serene environment.

Body detoxification

During trekking you will not get unhealthy junk food instead you get to eat the good basic healthy food for several days. An individual’s water drinking capacity also increases because of constant walking. Thus toxins get flushed out of the body resulting in the overall improved health and radiating skin.

Increased mental strength and focus

During trekking the individual’s attention shifts from the daily life worries to overcoming the challenges in front of him. Thus the person becomes more focused. The body releases happy hormone called endorphins which makes the individual happy and calm. The picturesque views and beautiful starry nights make the mind calm.

Digital detoxification

Away from the network zone without the mobile phones, laptop and deadlines for work. The person’s proximity with nature increases. He/she gets the valuable time to spend with himself, making him realize his life goals. Making him to value himself more.

Increased social bonding

Travelling involves meeting new people with different cultures, languages and making new friends. Bonding with family members also gets strengthened as we make up for lost time because of our busy schedules. Overcoming the obstacles en route inculcates the feeling of team bonding among friends and family members and everyone works as a team. This makes the overall bonding strong.

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